The Three Improvisers from Transformations (Music for Three Improvisers and Orchestra)
l to r: James Emery, Tony Coe, Franz Koglmann
photo by Ingrid Karl
Hannah Emery and James Emery
James Emery & Luminous Cycles
Jazz y Flamenco Festival, Seville
l to r: Kevin Norton, J.D. Parran, James Emery, Marty Ehrlich, Drew Gress
photo by Mofli
Photo by: Alan Nahagian
Photo by: Ssirus Pakzad
Fourth World: Woodstock, NY
left to right:
Drew Gress, James Emery, Judi Silvano, Joe Lovano
Photo by William Gamble
String Trio of New York
Warwick, NY
left to right
Rob Thomas, James Emery, John Lindberg
Photo by: Gordon Wenzel
left to right
James Emery, Anthony Braxton
Firenze (Florence)
Photo by: Luca Conti
Sound Check for Concert with Steve Reich
Human Arts Ensemble:
Columbia University, NYC
left to right
John Lindberg, Luther Thomas, Charles "BoBo" Shaw,
George Lewis, James Emery, Lester Bowie, Philip Wilson
Photo by: Linda Harris